• A | Human Dignity & Fourth Industrial Revolution

  • B | Regulation Models, Standards & Fair Trade

  • C | Public Health & Medicines of the Future

  • D | Culture of Peace & Mental Health

  • E | Ethnosphere & Periphery

  • Use the Knowmad Submission guidelines
  • Quotations – APA 7th Style
  • Extension of the paper between 1700 – 5000 words
  • Categories: Sustainable Development | Human Rights | Drug Policies | Special Populations | Ethnobotany | New Technologies
  • The papers must be related by at least one of the 17 SDGs
  • Languages Allowed: English, Spanish, German

The Knowmad Institut’s specialized publications must be accessible and stable over the long term, which is why we adopted the use of Zenodo, an open repository managed by CERN, which issues DOIs for datasets, publications, software and other research artifacts, and keeps them secure over a timescale of several decades.

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