Ethnosphere & Ethnobotany

  • Protecting the Ethnosphere in the Framework of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

  • Emerging Technologies toward the Preservation of the Ethnosphere 

  • Herbal Medicines, Traditional Medicine and the Double Stigmatization of Women

  • Ethics and Gender Violence: deconstructing dangerous masculinities

  • Uses and relations with illegalized plants and mushrooms

  • Drug Policies and Orignary Peoples

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  • Use the Knowmad Submission guidelines
  • Quotations – APA 7th Style
  • Extension of the paper between 1700 – 5000 words
  • Categories: Sustainable Development | Human Rights | Drug Policies | Special Populations | Ethnobotany | New Technologies
  • The papers must be related by at least one of the 17 SDGs
  • Languages Allowed: English, Spanish, German