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Know the Novel Foods

By Verónica C. Díaz Pharmaceutical Chemist / Biotechnologist I. What are Novel Foods?1 The term Novel Foods was born in Europe and their regulation was

Meet our Researcher and Scientific Consultant

With a multidisciplinary academic training in Psychology, Political Science and Sociology, Claudio acts as a researcher and research coordinator with a focus on social inequalities,

Meet our Research Manager

Gloria is social scientist, currently working with research, research management and consulting. A passionate defender of human rights and individual freedoms, she has participated and

Meet our Chief Technology Officer

Our Chief Technology Officer is an international social entrepreneur and Activist. Co-Founder in La María Guanaca; Abraxas Transmedia; and finalist of TICAméricas. Victor is a

Meet Our New Fundraiser

At the Knowmad Institut we are pleased to have our new Fundraiser. Hana Gabrielová has 20 years of experience in the hemp and cannabis industry.



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