Bilateral Relations Between El Salvador and the United States in the Period 2014-2023


  • Dr. Armando Briñis Zambrano Salvadorian Lutheran University



SDG 17, SDG 16, SDG 10, public international law, diplomatic relations, foreign policy, SDG


Foreign policy constitutes an institutional mechanism of a state, formed by a set of carefully analyzed, balanced, and articulated actions that facilitate relations with other countries. This type of policy is intrinsically linked to a state's domestic national policy and utilizes diplomacy as a fundamental tool for its implementation. It must be formulated considering the goals and interests of both the state and its wider society. This encompasses both specific objectives, such as cooperation and trade agreements, and broader engagement in bilateral and multilateral policies. From this perspective, governments develop their foreign policy based on a combination of factors: their own interests, the actions of other international actors, and their adherence to guiding principles. Foreign policy can thus serve to maintain or increase a state's presence and influence in international politics, whether through alliances or divergence from other actors, all within the framework of public international law. Drawing from an academic approach, this research analyzes the political-diplomatic relations between El Salvador and the United States (USA) from 2014 to September 2023, examining them through the lens of international law and diplomatic history from a Salvadoran perspective. This period witnessed a significant shift in government, from an administration aligned with Latin American values to one challenging the status quo of a traditional two-party system that held power for three decades. Furthermore, the research explores how the Salvadoran state's recent actions, particularly across its executive and legislative branches, reflect a departure from a foreign policy heavily reliant on the United States, suggesting a potential shift towards paradigms that may not always align with the decisions of this global power.

Author Biography

Dr. Armando Briñis Zambrano, Salvadorian Lutheran University

Doctor in Historical Sciences. Director of Research of the Universidad Luterana Salvadoreña. Director of the Scientific Research Center of the National Council of Rectors of El Salvador (CIC-CONARES).


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Briñis Zambrano, A. (2023). Bilateral Relations Between El Salvador and the United States in the Period 2014-2023. Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies in Human Rights and Science, 5(5).