This 10th Anniversary of the Genesis Block Support the First Non-Profit Node in the Lightning Network

A decade ago, on January 3, 2009, at 18:15:05 (GMT) the first block of the Blockchain of Bitcoin was generated. Linked to publication of his white paper, the well-known Genesis Block represents a generation’s response to the financial crisis caused by the irresponsibility of banks and regulators alike. This marks the beginning of the end of the fiduciary money paradigm.

As Knowmads (nomads of knowledge) one of our commitments is the public and political advocacy for the adoption of the Chain of Blocks as a tool for the preservation of human dignity.
For this reason, the European Institute for Multidisciplinary Studies on Human Rights and Science | Knowmad Institut today joins this paradigm shift, which seeks the separation of state and money in pursuit of human dignity and the decentralization of power.

We announce the start of a fundraising campaign for our Blockchain and Technological Sovereignty Program.



Support the creation and maintenance of the First Non-Profit Node in the Lightning Network of a Common Good Organization that Promotes Science and Research.



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