1-VIENNA 61-18

1-VIENNA 61-18

– Narrative Report –
Intergovernmental EGM on Opioids | Reconvened 61st Session of the CND | ICPC 2018

Basic Information

Project and Contact Information

Name of the program / project: Drug Policy Program – Knowmad Institut

Activity: Intergovernmental EGM on Opioids 03-04/12/2018| Reconvened 61st Session of the CND 05-07/1272018 | International Cannabis Policy Conference 07-09/12/2018

Grant number: 1-VIENNA 61-18

Start date: 1. December 2018

Closing date:  11. December 2018

Estimated Total Amount: | 3.713,69 € | USD $4,200 | BTC ₿ 1,32

Total Amount Collected (includes in-kind donations):
1.433,54 € Collected |
12.239 € Euros in Contributions of the team in kind: in transport tickets and accommodation, honoraries panelists and volunteers.

Total amount executed: | 13.672 € || USD $15.463,30 | BTC ₿ 4,81

Legally Name of Reporting Organization:
Knowmad Institut gemeinnützige UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Europäisches Institut für multidisziplinäre Studien zu Menschenrechten und Wissenschaften.

Type of report: Final Report

Closing date of the report: December 14th, 2018

Date of report submission: December 15th, 2018

Responsibles of the project: 
Names: Rev. Martin Diaz  &  Rev. Daniela Kreher

Positions: Co-Founder & CEO / Co-Founder & President

Email: [email protected], [email protected],

Narrative Report:

Participation in the following activities:

  • Meeting of the Intergovernmental Group of Experts on Opiates.
  • Reconvened 61st Session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs of the United Nations.
  • The International Cannabis Policy Conference 2018.

It was decided to participate in these events due to their relevance at the international level and because we co-hosted the International Cannabis Policy Conference organized by our partner association FAAAT, at which the official presentation of our Think & Do Tank took place.

The two executive directors, two team volunteers and two invited press teams participated. We gave tickets to two PhD students from Berlin and Hamburg and to a biologist.

The overall evaluation has been positive in all aspects evaluated.
1,433 Euros were raised to cover essential expenses and in-kind contributions in the amount of 12,239 Euros.

(a) Most significant achievements:
  • Launch of our Think & Do Tank and presentation of the Drug Policy Program at the Austria Center in Vienna. During the ICPC (International Cannabis Policy Conference) with more than 370 participants (tickets), and more than 40 speakers from different countries.
  • Visibility of the Knowmad Institut before intergovernmental agencies and permanent missions in the United Nations.
  • Strengthening strategic alliances with FAAAT (France/Spain), Latinoamérica Reforma (Chile), Help not Handcuffs (USA).
  • Placement on the international stage with politicians, academics, civil society and the private sector.
  • Approaching and dialogue with representatives of the hemp industry, medicinal cannabis and pharmaceuticals specializing in plant medicines.
b) Remarkable pending issues:
  • Follow-up and preparation of proposals for 6 potential sponsors.
  • Follow-up and proposal of agreement to 4 potential partners.
c) Finances:

See details in document “Financial Report EGM | CND61 | ICPC2018”.


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