The Knowmad Index, which will be published every two years by the Knowmad Institut since 2022, is a dissemination tool for analysis and discussion. The Knowmad Index aims to provide a reference for knowledge nomads.


The Index is a list of 194 countries and regions established on the basis of one criterion: the degree of human dignity enjoyed by people within the framework of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Sustainable Development Goals. It is an radiography of the situation of human dignity, based on an assessment of: freedom of thought and belief, drug policies and human rights, access to information technologies, independence of the media, recognition of individual freedoms and respect for privacy, recognition of fourth-generation rights, adoption of SDGs, censorship, legal framework, and transparency in these countries and regions.

This index is not a record for public policies related to indicators. Nor is it an indicator of the quality of public policies in a country or region.


A team of specialists from the Rethink Alliance, carries out a registry of human rights violations in the geographical sites where the alliance is present. These researchers rely on a network of local contacts and the collection of data from official and independent records. This register and analysis, which measures the intensity of violence against human dignity in the established period, allows the indicator of Aggressions and Threats to be established. This quantitative indicator makes it possible to weight the qualitative analysis of the country’s situation, as described in the questionnaire by the experts.

The First Global Index of the Nomads of Knowledge

Our team prepares a questionnaire that is answered by experts. The degree of human dignity enjoyed by people in the 194 countries is determined based on these responses compared to other indices and data mining on Twitter. To this qualitative analysis is added a quantitative record of the acts of human rights violations committed in the period taken into account.

In order to carry out its Classification, the Knowmad Institut prepares an online questionnaire made up of 90 questions, which focus on the topics mentioned above. The questionnaire will initially be translated into 4 languages (Spanish, English, Portuguese, German) and may be extended to other languages, and will be sent to multidisciplinary experts and leaders from civil society, the private sector, academia and public servants to answer. The answers of these experts, selected by the Knowmad Institut, together with the records of other indexes and official data on human rights violations in the past calendar year, allow a comprehensive score to be obtained.