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As an independent Think & Do Tank, we bridge the gap between civil society, academia, states, and the private sector to foster sustainable development and uphold human rights. Our multidisciplinary approach promotes innovative solutions to global challenges, ensuring a fairer and more dignified world. Join us in advancing human dignity and open science through bold and collaborative initiatives.

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Engage in our mission to create bridges and innovative solutions globally through collective intelligence.

Sustainable Development

We champion Sustainable Development Strategies to foster a dignified, equitable, and multipolar world.

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Utilizing a strong evidence-based foundation, we assist governments, industry, academia, and civil society in advancing innovative initiatives that prioritize human dignity and the ethical integration of emerging technologies.

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Improving Cybersecurity While Safeguarding Human Rights

Discover how cybersecurity contributes to safeguarding human rights with recommendations from the Knowmad Institut to the UN Ad Hoc Committee on Cybercrime.

Progress Report Global Country Policy Review: A Humanitarian Comparative Analysis On Drug Policies, On The Basis Of The Rome Consensus 2.0

This report advances our global understanding of drug policy by focusing on two key components: a bibliometric analysis and the creation of preliminary country profiles. We aim to identify trends, challenges, and opportunities within drug policy globally, emphasizing how these aspects can be better aligned with humanitarian principles, Rome Consensus 2.0, and Sustainable Development.

Call for Papers: Special Issue on “Deflection: A New Horizon for Police, Public Health, and Community” – A Pathway to Transformative Change

This initiative seeks to illuminate the Deflection approach, a progressive strategy designed to redirect individuals with substance use disorders or mental health conditions away from the criminal justice system and into supportive community-based services.

Interpretation Of The Aquatic Elements Associated With Monument 21 Of Chalchuapa And Their Relationship With The Deities Chalchiuhtlicue And Tlaloc

This paper delves into the significant interpretation of aquatic elements in the context of Monument 21 at Chalchuapa, a Mesoamerican archaeological site of great historical and cultural relevance. ​

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European Institute for Multidisciplinary Studies on Human Rights and Science

A Think & Do Tank, a voice for Human Dignity in public and private policies

Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies in Human Rights & Science - JMSHRS
Promoting Open Science to Address Global Challenges. Our journal provides a platform for groundbreaking research in human rights, sustainable development, ethnobotany, new technologies, special populations, and drug policy. Available in English, Spanish, and German, our Diamond Open Access journal fosters interdisciplinary dialogue and innovation.
Knowmad Research Gateway
Unlocking Access to a World of Open Science. The Knowmad Research Gateway provides an extensive collection of open research outputs, including 102 data sources, 161 subjects, 1.7 million publications, 136.1K research data sets, 845 research software tools, and 38.6K other research products. Discover groundbreaking research and innovation in social sciences, human rights, and sustainable development across multiple disciplines.
Knowmad Short Film Festival
Celebrating Human Dignity and Cultural Diversity. The Knowmad Short Film Festival has received over 1,300 films from participants in more than 80 countries across 4 seasons. This festival showcases alternative narratives that highlight the state of human dignity around the world, fostering intercultural exchange and promoting a culture of peace and sustainable development.

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Are you ready to dive into a world where filmmaking meets impactful change? The Knowmad Short Film Festival (KSFF), brought to you by the European Institute for Multidisciplinary Studies on Human Rights and Sciences – Knowmad Institut, is not just a festival; it’s a movement. It’s where intercultural exchange flourishes and alternative narratives come to light, challenging how we see the world and our place.

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