Analysis of the 40th and 41st ECDD reviews outcomes and the INCB’s update on Cannabis.

The European Institute of Multidisciplinary Studies on Human Rights and Sciences – Knowmad Institut together with our sister organization FAAAT present:

Volume 2

Analysis of the 40th and 41st

ECDD reviews outcomes and the INCB’s update on Cannabis.

Author: Kenzi Riboulet Zemouli.
Contributors: Martin Díaz Velásquez, Farid Ghehiouèche, Amy Case King and Michael Krawitz.



On January 30th 2019, the Director-General of the World Health Organization issued a letter mentioning the conclusions from the Organization’s expert scientific reviews of resin, extracts, tinctures and herbal Cannabis, as well as THC and CBD – a process that started in November 2017, rooted in decades of erratic work.

While the Crimson Digest Volume 1 addressed the history of Cannabis scheduling in international law and the history and details of the process to changes this status of scheduling, this Volume 2 analyzes the scope of symbolical and reglementary implications of the outcome of the reviews, contained in the Director-General letter, and also scrutinize the concurrently released report of the International Narcotics Control Board on the medical and non-medical uses of Cannabis. The last volume, Crimson Digest Volume 3 will review the details of the preparation and assessment process that happened since 2017, and see what lessons can be learned to improve future works of international bodies in relation with Cannabis.

The WHO Expert Committee reviews outcome in a nutshell:

  • Cannabis is legitimate in medicine – new official WHO position
  • Experts consider herbal Cannabis less dangerous than Schedule I substances
  • Countries are encouraged to provide access to a variety of formulations
  • Countries have a broad choice and flexibility of policies on preparations
  • International policy landscape gets clarified
  • Other international legal instruments or tools are called to action
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