Meet the New Head of the Drug Policies & Human Rights Program

Kenzi Riboulet-Zemouli is the
Head of the Drug Policy & Human Rights Program at the European Institute for Multidisciplinary Studies on Human Rights and Science.

At the Knowmad Institut, we are pleased to have our new Head of the Drug Policies & Human Rights Program. Having founded our sister NGO FAAAT and dedicated his efforts to it in recent years, and having attended as adviser to our institute during the formation process, Kenzi fully joins our team “due by the need to join forces and motivation to contribute to an international institute with greater capacity for action and an impeccable analysis of the problems with the greatest impact on people’s lives, their equality, their dignity and social justice”.

A young and prominent independent researcher who has been co-founder of Think & Do Tank FAAAT and NORML France, permanent representative of the DRCnet Foundation to the UN in Vienna and Geneva.

Raised in the Mediterranean and based in Barcelona, Kenzi is a multidisciplinary Franco-Algerian independent researcher and advocate for sustainable drug policy reforms at the international level.

Kenzi bases his work on ethics, human rights aspects, components of fair trade and sustainability criteria for the legally regulated use, production and marketing of plants, fungi, products and psychoactive or controlled substances.

Focusing on Action research (where academics and citizens agree) as a catalyst for legal and social change, he has been particularly involved in studying alternative paths to Cannabis policy reform, linking international law with local groundwork initiatives.

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